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Here's What You Need to Obtain a Georgia Tax ID(EIN)

Georgia is home to more than ten million people from mixed cultural backgrounds. Doing business in Georgia is a lucrative privilege, because of the ready market that exists in the state. For you to run a business in Georgia, it is advisable to be in possession of a Georgia Tax ID (EIN). Having a Georgia Tax ID (EIN), will not only ensure peaceful business but also come in handy in other formal processes.

Information required

If your business has employed people in Georgia, or you have opened a bank account, you will need to apply for georgia tax id (EIN). Before you send in your application, you will be prompted to present specific details to ascertain the credibility and legality of your business. To start with, you will have to give the legal name of your company. Keep in mind that the name must correspond to the one presented in your paperwork. You must correctly outline the details of the business because you don’t want your Georgia Tax ID (EIN) misspelt. Secondly, you have to avail the Taxpayer Identification Number and the legal name of the person who will be in charge of the business. This is the individual who will be accountable for the assets and income of the business. Lastly, an applicant is required to give the physical address of the business but not the P.O Box. This is the address that official communication will be channeled through. Additionally, you must avail an active E-mail address and phone number. During the processing of your Georgia Tax ID (EIN), the contact details will be used in case a clarification is needed from your end.

Submitting your application

After filing in the above information, you can now send your application for your Georgia Tax ID (EIN). Be sure to indicate the legal structure of your business. This means that your enterprise will either operate as a Partnership, Personal Service Corporation, S- Corporation, Non-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietor, Estate, Trust,Church Organization or as a corporation. Once complete, your Georgia Tax ID (EIN) will be sent to you by E-mail.